About Polyfab


About Polyfab

We offer a wide range of highly diversified products to meet your every need with the ability to customize to your specifications. Our highly experienced sales team has the ability and knowledge to assist you in forming and cultivating your projects and ideas.


We create products for a vast array of needs in a variety of industries including: playground, marine, electronic, aircraft, and tank industries. These products are all made in the USA and sent all over the world.

Our Legacy

In the early 1970's, Polyfab Plastics & Supply, Inc. opened our doors in Springfield, Missouri under the direction of Lowell Miller. At that time, we occupied a small leased space and employed a small group of part-time college students.


Over the years, we have experienced tremendous growth as our customer base and product capabilities have continually grown and evolved. To accommodate this consistent growth, we began using automated equipment and moved into our current headquarters of 60,000 square feet and 2.5 acres.


Today, after more than 45 years, we continue to provide excellence for our customers. We do our best to offer top-notch, quality products.  We are committed to continually providing excellence in this community and all over the world.


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